Possibly The Best Cover Ever

I’ve been lucky with book covers…I’ve liked every one of them for all five of my books, and I’ve loved most of them. (It’s a bit of a different thing in terms of foreign covers. There was an Italian–or was it German?–version of The Well and the Mine done in black and red tones with an apocalyptic-looking cornfield that left me really perplexed.)

The Tradition of Rudolph

So we have a lot of odd Christmas traditions around my house–we like our traditions to be a little off-kilter. For instance, we make a gingerbread structure each year that is never just a house…one year we did Loch Ness. And we also always watch the old clay-mation  Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, which we accompany with a reindeer-themed meal.

First Time I’ve Ever Been in Variety


Margot Robbie Developing Thriller ‘Beautiful Things’ for Warner Bros.





Margot Robbie Developing Thriller ‘Beautiful Things’ for Warner Bros.

Halloween: Bad Decisions

So, first of all I love Halloween. Every part of it. Big gaudy decorations and scary movies and trick-or-treating. For a long time I had a huge collection of hideously tacky Halloween earrings–plastic rats and spiders and light-up ghosts. But several years ago a burglar broke into my house while I was out of town, although he was immediately spotted by neighbors who began shouting and banging on windows. Pressed for time, the burglar apparently had time to grab only one thing and make a mad dash for it…and he chose my jewelry box full of plastic Halloween earrings. (In fairness, it was a nice-looking jewelry box.) I have passed many happy minutes imagining the moments after he finally stopped running and opened his prize…and found those plastic rats. Surely the least valuable haul he ever made.

New Book Coming Out!

I’ve just sold my next novel, Beautiful Things, to Viking! My editor will be the wonderful Laura Tisdel, and here is the most shocking part: they plan to release the novel in MAY 2017! That’s an eight-month turn-around from the signing of the contract to the actual book in customer’s hands, which is, oh, maybe half the time it normally takes. And–hey, did I say the release date was the most shocking part?–the book is being released simultaneously in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

A Little Hamilton Lip Sync

For anyone who is obsessed with Hamilton as my entire family is….or, really, for anyone who likes seeing five-year-olds pretend to be singing Founding Fathers….

Here’s a little video.


Top Ten Best Things in San Francisco *

What I Loved About San Francisco in January (in no particular order)…

Ah, X-Files, I Loved You So

Mulder and Scully. Oh, how I loved you.

A rare moment of resolved sexual tension (RST).


The Lost Bliss of Saturday Morning Cartoons

I was not an early riser. Ever. One of my earliest memories is laying, wide-eyed, in bed after my mother had forced me there, and waiting forever until I heard Johnny Carson’s intro music from the den where my father was watching television. I’d wiggle off the bed, very slowly, toes dangling in mid-air, trying not to wake up my mother who’d fallen asleep next to me. After eons, I’d hit the ground and creep into the den, hoping my dad would let me stay up.

Coming Back to Real Life

It occurs to me that coming back from another country feels a little like closing your computer at the end of day when you’re writing a novel. It’s not that easy to turn off the other world—it’s still there, lurking, pressing in around the edges.