7 Things

Here are 7 memories from the last 24 hours that transcend photos:

1) A man in a speedo riding a scooter. This opens a whole new avenue of fun on this trip: who can spot the speedo-wearer doing the most interesting thing? Last summer in Spain we saw a man in a speedo doing push-ups on the beach. (Not for the faint-hearted.) We head to Villefranche-sur-mer on the Riviera tomorrow, so it should be a whole new world of speedo opportunities.

2) The amazing grass-topped roof gardens topping buildings from the subway stations to residences. 

3) Swans and ducks making their peace on the lake. At first I felt a little, oh, sympathetic to the ducks when a big snow-white swan would sail by. I assumed it made the ducks self-conscious. Then I decided the ducks were not impressed.  I think they find the swans ridiculous.

4) Have I mentioned yoghurt?

5) A Hemingway scholar with the perfect name H.R. Stonecraft. A man with that name should be obligated to go exploring the uncharted jungles in the name of Her Majesty.

6) Actually having a conversation in French: A conversation is defined as you saying something, a native French person answering you, and you actually responding to their comments. The crucial problem usually occurs when the native French person answers you, and you then have no idea what they said. If you understand the answer to your original question, voila! C’est parfait. Conversation achieved.

7) Delicious tap water. I haven’t tried the lake yet–there are perpetual floating feathers. But tap is excellent.

And, last, here’s a quick shot of Lake Geneva from Lausanne.  All your life, you snap photos of lovely wide open water melting into blue horizons. The photos blur together. But in real life that meeting of sky and water never gets less amazing.

View from a waterfront restaurant


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