A New Car Game

We drove to Columbus, Ga., this weekend for a soccer tournament, and we invented a new car game along the way. Really, it’s not a game. It’s basically making up limericks, with each person doing one line. So If I start, my husband does the second line, then the kids do one line each, and then back to me to finish it up. Then someone different starts the next one.

These are the results of the trip to Georgia:

There once was a cat who got dizzy
Who was friends with a dog named Lizzy
They both liked some snot
They put it in a pot
And cooked it until it got fizzy.

One night in the Harpersville Days Inn
There was a shining light  that was blazin’
The light took flight
And gave me a fright
Then I shriveled up like a raisin.

My brother fell out of a tree
He thought he got stung by a bee
He was quite hurt
He took off his shirt
And turned into Nanny McPhee.

There once was a maniac schnoodle
He only liked one type of noodle
It was fettucini
In a sauce made of weanie
For dessert, he had cinnamon streudel.

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