Best Milkshakes Ever

Nearly two weeks ago, I had a signing/reading in Montevallo, Al., at Eclipse Coffee and Books. If you live in the area ad haven’t been, it’s worth going to Eclipse just for the milkshakes. (They were in the Birmingham News last summer in an article on the best  milkshakes in town.) My favorite is the pecan pie, although the cake batter is also quite tasty. My husband likes the cappucino and the espresso.  I firmly believe more booksignings should include milkshakes.

The food’s very good, too.

Anyway, back to the booksigning. Even though I’d rather talk about milkshakes. I was on a panel with Sena Jeter Naslund, who wrote Ahab’s Wife and the recent Adam & Eve. She’s extremely friendly and gracious, and it was a great chance to hear her talk about the ideas and themes behind the book, largely revolving around both the conflict and overlap between religion and science. That’s always really what I want to hear another author talk about–what ideas were under the surface as you came up with this story? What themes fascinated you before you began to write and as you wrote? Sometimes suddenly seeing that other layer  totally changes how I view a book.

In other news, I am still in love with Richard Russo. I polished off That Old Cape Magic this weekend,which I didn’t fall for quite as hard as Empire Falls and Straight Man, but I sure do swoon over the naturalness of his voice. Now I’m reading up about the history of Fairhope, Al., and communes of the late 19th century in general, seeing what story might come.

My other rec, other than Eclipse milkshakes and Richard Russo, is Anything Goes on Broadway. We had a too-fast trip to New York towards the beginning of the month, and the play was everything a musical should be. It gives you that great, spine-tingling rush of sheer giddiness. Great songs, great dancing, great Sutton Foster as the leading lady. It makes you want to learn to tap dance.

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