My Sit-Up Capacity is Decimated

1) I tried Ab Ripper on the P-90x exercise DVD for the first time since the baby. (That infomercial and all those flat abs hooked me long ago.) Things went fine until we got to the sit-up portion. I could not do a single sit-up. Not one. I just lay there like a stranded, spastic turtle.

2) The most annoying thing about watching a lot of Matlock and Murder, She Wrote is how many times you see the same walk-in bathub and/or diabetes commercials.

3) I just finished The Golden Compass and decided the whole series is an excellent choice for right now. Something about breastfeeding and talking warrior polar bears is a perfect fit.

4) I can’t stop thinking about how my sister-in-law said the six-month-old twins she’s babysitting have started teething…and sucking each other’s heads.

5) I hope to be able to do at least one single sit-up in two weeks. So Sept.16. Sit-up or bust.

6) (Extra bonus list item) I just got a new part of my Web site up which explains about my afterschool writing program here in Birmingham.

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