Pub Day!

So it is now the official release day for Come in and Cover Me. I just got back from an interview for our local ABC station. I’m getting a little concerned because at each interview lately–I did local NPR yesterday–as I’m waiting to go on-air, I inevitably start humming a really inappropriate song from Book of Mormon. (I mean, they’re all inappropriate. )

A  Birmingham News article is worth reading because of a great misquote. The article says Silas has echoes of my husband, for instance, that he has “great and ridiculous sweet-talking skills.” I said SLEEP talking skills. His sweet-talking skills are irrelevant, and, frankly, something I would never discuss in public.

Also, maybe my favorite review so far is in Ploughshares. The reviewer pulls out a quote I really like, and it’s the only review to mention that the book is actually funny in places. Which it is. For some reason when you write about babies down wells and dead older brothers and love and loss, etc., people don’t think you have a sense of humor. Huh.

Tonight’s the first reading/signing–7 p.m. at the Barnes & Noble at the Summit in Birmingham. Then we head tomorrow to Montgomery for the signing at Capitol Book & News. It’s the start of about two weeks of straight travel for me and the family. It could be a great trip, or, depending on how the baby sleeps in hotel rooms, it could be the longest book tour in the history of books.

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