After First Week of Book Tour

So we’re back home for a few days after readings/signings in Alabama and Mississippi–Birmingham, Montgomery, Fairhope, Jackson, and Greenwood. This Saturday we head to Woodstock, Ga.; Asheville, NC; Charlotte, NC; and Atlanta.

The baby did as well as we could possibly hope for on the trip, and we had a few wonderful surprises. Our friend in Jackson introduced us to the Mississippi Delta tamale, and, in fact, an official trail of tamales. They’re made with corn meal instead of corn flour (like the Mexican/southwestern variety), and they’re simmered not steamed. We had, I think, 32 tamales total by the end of our Mississippi trip. Check out the full route here at the Tamale Trail site.

And, as far as other happy details, I had the best meatloaf I’ve ever had in Fairhope at the Camelia Cafe, a great musical intro in Jackson, and a fireplace and Jacuzzi tub  in Greenwood. The baby had his first jacuzzi experience–don’t worry, it wasn’t too hot–and got so relaxed he conked out on my shoulder right in the tub.

Also a few cool reviews: named Come in and Cover Me their book of the week. Bust magazine has a lovely review, but I’m not sure I’m allowed to post it yet. The AP ran a review, and there are reviews to come by the Washington Post and Parade magazine.

But maybe my favorite response so far has been a friend in Montgomery who said she went through several phases with the book, the first of which was, “Why does she keep misspelling ‘shard’?”

That’ll make more sense if you’ve read the book.

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