End of Week Two on Tour

Now we’re back home from, Woodstock, Ga., (where six-month-old babies are extremely popular), Asheville, Charlotte, and Atlanta. Whew. All that’s left are Memphis and Oxford this week.

Just for fun, let me see if I can name all the food we ate and drank in Asheville, which is a rockin’  town, especially for food: sweet potato and black bean cakes, mead, yucca, cuban coffee, beignets, cafe au lait, lots of Himalayan appetizers, crepes…I can’t remember the rest. But food is a major benefit of book tours.

In Charlotte I visited a 24-hour bakery with my sister-in-law. I had a donut the size of my baby’s head in Woodstock. I’ll stop talking about food now.

The baby seems very bored by readings. I don’t think he cares for the novel at all. He prefers a piece of tin foil.

I’m finding it impossible to think any deep thoughts right now. I think the travel has slowly been draining my brain–I have a perpetual fear that I’ll forget the names of the characters in the book. Like someone will ask about Paul and I’ll have to say, “Who’s Paul again?” More minor fears include that I’ll mispronounce a word while reading, that I’ll see someone I know at a reading and not recognize them at all, and that I’ll have some sort of wardrobe malfunction.

Or that only one person will show up for a reading. One person is worse than no people because then you still have to go through the motions instead of just leaving early and watching TV in the hotel room.

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