A Random Alleyway in Charleston

We spent the weekend in Charleston for the graduation of my beautiful and talented sister-in-law. (The baby once again accumulated awesome-traveller points–slept through the night every night and reacted to the eight-hour drive with excellent humor.)

This is the third best thing about the city for me (Number 1 is caramel apples, specifically apple-pie-flavored caramel apples, and Number 2 is the excellent running path along the Battery): Every crook and corner seems to have an unexpected bit of charm and history. Walking down King Street, we stumbled across a Unitarian Church which predates the Revolutionary War. But it wasn’t the church the grabbed out attention–it was this archway…


It was a winding, shaded entrance into an old cemetary, all hanging branches and twisted vines and gray stone. Even in mid-afternoon, it was the perfect setting for a ghost story.







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