The Beauty of the Internet

I’ve spent much of this week wondering how authors wrote anything without the Internet. The amount of time to answer a single question has surely exponentially shrunk. Back when I was writing Come in and Cover Me, I had a moment of thinking, “Hmm, so Scott is standing at Ren’s bed? What were those white shoes we wore in the 80s?”

Boom. Type in “1980s popular shoes.” And Tretorns pop up in about 10 seconds.

It’s that sort of random detail that I find the Web is so wonderful for. I’m working on my Fairhope novel, and here are a few (bizarre, I grant you) search terms I’ve used this week.

“history of ant research”
“cygnus constellation”
“fat celebrities in the 1920s” (My favorite. Has to do with nicknames a   couple come up with for their baby.)
“fat presidents” (See above.)
“fish in the Mobile Bay”
“when do dahlias bloom”
“what kind of cows are in Mobile?”
“women’s bathing suits 1900”
“Prussian cooking”

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