A Pleasant View of My Wall

Just sitting here in my office thinking how much I like the view to my left. It’s not exactly what I imagine Faulker or Hemingway had, but it’s a fine, fine view.

You’ll see: A parrot pinata (a gift from my friend Tina when Come in and Cover Me came out), a painting of Dolly Parton from my husband (best Christmas gift ever), and a massive map of 1914 Fairhope, Al., that I pieced together with accompanying pictures and captions to help me as I wrote that manuscript. (Which I am now in the process of editing.)

That wall sums up my life pretty well.


  1. Elaine on December 4, 2012 at 10:31 pm

    You need a copy of Runaway Bunny! The semi-creepy picture you point out is one of many in Runaway Bunny, which as as a premise the notion that a child can never escape its mother. Lots of psychiatric fodder here. For another similarly creepy children’s book, look up I’ll Love You Forever… Miss you and hope your little man is doing fabulously! Take care, e

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