Rice Krispie Skyscrapers and Foundation Troubles

Every year around this time, we build some sort of edible construction. In the past, we’ve done a gingerbread Loch Ness (gummy fish, gingerbread monster, fruit roll-up water) and a gingerbread castle (gummy bear defenders, Twizzler drawbridge). This year we tried rice krispie treat skyscrapers. It SEEMED like a good building material.

It was problematic.

Nonetheless, here are the results, with my husband easily taking first prize. The kids, distracted by eating their building materials, had their buildings crumble pretty quickly. There was nothing left but ruins by the time I managed to find the camera.

 Rice Krispie bricks and chocolate icing mortar.

Rice Krispie bricks and chocolate icing mortar.



Mine did a little better, though it wound up looking like a Dr. Seuss building instead of the Dubai-kind-of-thing I was going for.

My engineering skills on display

My engineering skills on display

My husband, however, crafted a massive foundation and wound up with a pretty impressive deal.


And speaking of impressive, here is my husband’s bicep, which he calls a baby-cep now, as if carrying the baby has resulted in such bulk. And maybe that’s part of it. But I suspect it has to do with the fact that he’s convinced the number of push-ups he does before a game is directly related to whether or not Alabama will win. I think it took 250 from him to get them through the Georgia game. Roll Tide.



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