Janet of the Jungle

Hope everyone enjoys the new site–I was so satisfied with getting the new-and-improved version up and running (not that I had anything to do with the technical part of the whole up-and-running thing), that I’ve taken weeks off from the blog.

I was cleaning out a box in the basement the other day and came across a book I wrote in third grade. Mrs. White, my teacher, had us all write a story, and then she bound them for us. Frankly, I do not think you’d guess that I’d go into writing as a career based on this book. I’m heavily plagiarizing from my favorite cartoon at the time, Jana of the Jungle.  (I loved all warrior women cartoons/books/TV shows.) My heroine is called, cleverly, JANET of the Jungle.

Here’s the cover.



































That entire title, by the way, is Janet of the Jungle Battles Medusa (misspelled) the Lady With the Living Hair.

The plot is about, well, a battle between Medusa and Janet. Janet has a few sidekicks: Bumbo the elephant, Timbo the bird, and Trek Gordon, who looks a little like a blue-haired Billy Idol.

Janet and Trek

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