David Duchovny, Rabbit Waiter

Alright, I have, from time to time, been obsessed with TV shows. An obsession that led to me still having a little collection of action figures on my desk, including Fox Mulder from The X-Files and Xena from, of course, Xena, Warrior Princess. I also have Wonder Woman and Catwoman. Or I did, at least, until The Boy got his hands on them and decided they were kids riding in his school bus toy. (He does not use the word “kids”–he is in a Busy Bee class at school, so he calls all kids “bees.”)

So for a while David Duchovny and Xena were bees. But, then, in a casting choice that brings me much joy, The Boy got a little set of dressed-up rabbit with a tiny kitchen, which he promptly named a restaurant. It’s called Saw’s. He needed a waiter and a chef, then, and he picked Duchovny and Xena. Only their names are now Apping and Supping, respectively. (We do not actually know anyone named Apping or Supping.)

Apping waits tables, and Supping cooks the chicken wings. She cooks in her lingerie because Xena’s battle clothes fell of a long time ago. Here they are in all their restaurant glory.


Image 6


Yesterday when we were playing, the rabbits never got their food because Apping kept needing to use the potty. Like, the guy could not stop going to the potty, and The Boy kept needing to wipe Apping’s booty. I take this as a good sign for potty training. But eventually The Boy announced, “Mommy, I need a real person. I need a real person, not Apping.”

And I said, “Why?”

“Because Apping’s pants won’t come off. I can’t wipe him with his pants on.”

“So,” I said, “by ‘real person’ you mean somebody who’s pants come off?”


That’s all. I feel like my fondness for David Duchovny has expanded and deepened, really. He’s got a very nice, patient way with both rabbits and wiping.




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