Halloween: Bad Decisions

So, first of all I love Halloween. Every part of it. Big gaudy decorations and scary movies and trick-or-treating. For a long time I had a huge collection of hideously tacky Halloween earrings–plastic rats and spiders and light-up ghosts. But several years ago a burglar broke into my house while I was out of town, although he was immediately spotted by neighbors who began shouting and banging on windows. Pressed for time, the burglar apparently had time to grab only one thing and make a mad dash for it…and he chose my jewelry box full of plastic Halloween earrings. (In fairness, it was a nice-looking jewelry box.) I have passed many happy minutes imagining the moments after he finally stopped running and opened his prize…and found those plastic rats. Surely the least valuable haul he ever made.

Anyway, of all the things I enjoy about Halloween, costumes are my favorite part. We had our annual Halloween costume party this past weekend, and this year’s theme was BAD DECISIONS.

I should have taken way more photos. We had Donald Trumps, Hillary (and Hillary e-mails), Billy Bush, Blind Man with Seeing-Eye Ferrett, a couple from the Titanic, Aggressive Bible Thumpers, Cat Glitter, Boy With A Pet Alligator, Las Vegas, Woman with 1990s Parrot, Samsung 7, Face Tattoos, 1970s, 1980s, a Hoverboard rider, and surely many other costumes I can’t remember.

Here I am (as the entire  1980s) with a boy with a pet alligator.

Here I am (as the entire 1980s) with a boy with a pet alligator.

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