Of all the things I love about October, the costumes at our Halloween party might top the list. This year’s theme was THREE, and we had some logistical issues. Ten minutes before the party started, I realized the two heads I planned to attach to my son’s Three Musketeer costume–so he would be all three musketeers–were too heavy. Sometimes even duct tape and splints cannot work magic. So he was a singular Musketeer, and now we have some extra heads around the house.


















We had  the three blind mice (plus the farmer’s wife and the carving knife); a bar code for the Number 3; the Father/Son/Holy Ghost (outstanding!); the three branches of government (also outstanding!); Tall, Dark and Handsome; Three-Hole-Punch Jim; Babe Ruth; Tua Togavailoa; Black and White, a genie, and bunch of other things I know I’m forgetting.

Here’s me below. I am a musical pun…answer in caption.

Three Dog Night/Knight.


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